Some of the area hotels offer horseback riding tours, where you can ride on the beach or take a trail through a jungle-like setting. Aerial Footage of Playa del Murcielago, Manta. The soft, white sand beach and crystal clear water is warm, inviting, and calming. The beach is thought to be one of the best in the country and is a favorite of locals; it’s usually crowded on weekends. Always one of our favorite beach towns in Ecuador, Puerto Lopez is in the Manabí province. Which is the most popular beach in Ecuador? What beaches are on your bucket list? It’s similar to Salinas in many ways, especially the services and comforts provided, it’s just smaller in size and scope. Plus details on the best beach towns in the country. Salango Island is home to blue-footed boobies, frigate birds and pelicans. You can also find quiet areas to relax in peaceful settings. Interested to photograph some of these beaches on your trip? Here, life happens at the beach when the fishermen come back to land with their fresh catch. Los Frailes Beach in Machalilla National Park, Ecuador. salinas beach montanita beach playas villamil beach are awaiting for you!!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Getting there is pretty easy. Very detailed and inspiring. The town has many great places to stay, and several small restaurants. Well, that depends entirely on the lifestyle, climate, and environment you’re after, of course. Without a doubt the best place to party by the beach in Ecuador is Montañita.With its golden sand and seasonal surfing competitions, this town is a hub of activity for backpackers and surfers alike. If you are looking for beach towns with great night life and varied activities, you have plenty to choose from. It’s better than a lot of the beaches in this list. Bahia de Caraquez is one of the cities in Ecuador that’s known for protecting its ecosystems. The beaches are beautiful, with room for both fishermen and swimmers, and the towns have a variety of affordable hotels and hostels. Mompiche is a small town in the north-west of Ecuador. The city is located between the Chone River and the Pacific Ocean, so swimming and surfing conditions are dependent on which side you’re on. Playas has long been a fishing area and has a thriving fishing industry, so fresh seafood is widely available. There are many nightclubs and beach bars in Montanita, and weekends are typically full of noisy parties, especially during the high season. . When you travel to Montanita, Ecuador's iconic surf town, you're not just traveling to South America; you're traveling back in time. Located in Santa Elena Ecuador, Salinas is the largest beach resort area in Ecuador and the westernmost city on the mainland. Annual Climate Charts from Across Ecuador, Maracuya: Passion Fruit Guide (Taste, 7 Benefits, How to Eat it), Tagua Nut Guide: South America’s Vegetable Ivory (Vegan, Sustainable), What do People in Ecuador Eat? I love Chipipe and San Lorenzo Beach because I live here, but Los Frailes is definitely an unparalleled paradise that no one should miss! Watch for that in the coming months. Other beaches we plan on covering: Playa Cabuyal, Pedernales, San Clemente/San Jacinto, Playa Rosada. It’s a main attraction for tourists, both local and foreign. From the beach, you can see Salango Island which (along with Isla de la Plata) is part of Machalilla National Park. As a traveler, i personally like the beaches for explore the adventure. This is the beach in Same, Ecuador and it’s #20 on the list. It’s a comfortable place, a town where the locals are friendly, and the expat community has a strong and active presence. Ecuador living: Learn about life in Ecuador from these actual expats. You forgot to include Cojimies beach. Here you can see whales, surf, sea-kayak, skydive, hang-glide, jetski, ski, and yacht. Surfing at the Puerto Cayo beach is considered great for beginners: consistent surf and a shallow gradient. Located west of the Yacht Club is Playa Chipipe – a longer and wider beach than the more popular San Lorenzo Beach to the east. Simply enter your email address below and we’ll send you a FREE REPORT – Ecuador: Live Like Royalty on Your Social Security. This oceanfront property with beach view is situated in the coastal region of Ecuador. In the Manabí province, Manta is Ecuador’s third-largest and fastest-growing city (and the busiest and largest commercial fishing port in the world), and you’ll find all the services and facilities you’d expect. Cantons of Ecuador; Provinces of Ecuador; List of cities by country; External links. That’s especially true in Ecuador, where every journey along the country’s 530–mile long Ruta del Sol coast, from the border with Peru northward to Colombia, takes you through several diverse eco-systems. Located just off the beach is Islote Pedernales, a small island with some great snorkeling and diving. Short hiking trails provide opportunities to see marine birds including blue-footed boobies red- However I agree with your top 3 pick. A two hour hike is offered, or you can explore on your own or with a tour guide. 16 Fameworthy People, Places, Foods…. This small beach is located west of Atacames in the fishing village of Sua. Also nearby is the Machalilla National Park and its popular Los Frailes Beach. The small town of Canoa is a surfer and backpacker town with a pretty beach and a youthful energy. Learn more about Ecuador and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. We are currently writing the guide to Galapagos beaches. With a beautiful beach in a setting so peaceful you won’t believe Manta is less than 30 minutes away, this beach offers new home and condo developments, and still has land available if you are looking to build your own place on the Pacific Ocean. You can sometimes find an apartment for rent on Airbnb. Puerto Lopez features a completely re-built brick walkway along their malecón, and an updated pier area. Tonsupa is a small beach town located in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Looking for a great beach in Ecuador? The bounty that the artisanal fishermen bring in from the sea (especially the lobsters) means that the many restaurants around town always have the freshest and best seafood. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. This is what makes the place special, as it’s one of the few undeveloped, untouched areas that you can see along Ecuador’s coast. If you prefer coastal cities, here are several beach cities and towns that are popular among expats in Ecuador: Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador With a population of about 19,000, Bahia de Caraquez is a city on the northern coast of Ecuador. Watersports are also available, to include windsurfing, water skiing, and parasailing. This is a home construction lot of 250 sqare meters. Spanish: Playa General Villamil. Things are looking up in Playas however, as an upgrade to a nearby port and plans to move the Guayaquil airport out of downtown to a site between Guayaquil and Playas has spurred growth and infrastructure improvements. Beach Towns in Ecuador: Which is Best for You? In Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, you can visit Quito, Otavalo, Banos and Cuenca. There is a growing expat community in town, with a number of beachfront developments underway. It’s a part of the Machalilla National Park, located on the central coast. Surfing in Playas is particularly favoured, especially by experienced surfers. Together, they give you a look at what Ecuador’s beach resorts were like 20 or 30 years ago. There’s also a lot of cheap hotels along the beach to get the most bang for your buck, but there’s larger and higher quality hotels if you prefer. This is the time of their annual migration and you can see them close up, doing all sorts of very exciting and heart pounding acrobatics. The beach here is wide, sandy, and clean, bordered by the blue, calm Pacific waters. The town has bungalows and hostels for rent and a few restaurants. Less than an hour north of Salinas, Ayangue boasts a beautiful, near circular harbor formed by small cliffs. The area along the coast of Ecuador is referred to as La Costa, or the coastal lowlands. Thanks in advance for any tips you might have on my locating and buying a kayak when in Ecuador…. I’ll email you. Situated at the start of the Santa Elena peninsula, Ballenita is often overlooked by people headed to Salinas, Chipipe, or Punto Carnero. Tortuga Bay Beach… Let us know your favorite Ecuador beach in the comments! Here are all the beaches we’ll cover. There’s a few hotels, mostly near the beach. The province of Manabi is a good area to go diving as well, as there’s many interesting coral and colorful fish to be seen. It is a peaceful beach town, without much of nightlife but great surf and a dreamy tropical atmosphere. Seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Overall, the town and vibe is very lively, as it’s full of young people; what some would call hippies. The community of Santa Marianita is located south of San Mateo, a local fishing port. It boasts a wide, beautiful beach and access to the Rio Ayampe trail, where you can walk through stunning rainforest along the Ayampe River, or even hike the 15 miles or so over the hills to Puerto Lopez. Playa Las Tunas and Playa Ayampe are located in Manabi, between Puerto Lopez and Montanita. And here’s a glimpse of the beach malecon in Salinas. The waters are a clear blue and very calm, creating a peaceful and relaxing feeling. The village of Mompiche on the Pacific Coast is like nirvana to backpackers, surfers and travelers that like solitude, as the long stretch of beach offers excellent waves with no crowds. In your article Ecuador has so lovely beaches and gorgeous also. No amenities. Plus there’s regular bus service to Guayaquil, only two hours away, which has an international airport. In 2017, a 320-meter foot bridge was constructed, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to pass from the mainland to the island. Los Frailes beach is situated just north of Puerto Lopez, and is one of the most picturesque and flawless beaches in Ecuador. Ecuador Life Living in Ecuador: All About Life in Ecuador (Cuenca, Salinas, … This beach is beautiful and has a scenic malecon, which is a word used in Spanish speaking countries to describe a stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront. Our websites have promoted the idea of investing in small towns for well over a decade… Smalltown USA as well as small towns in Ecuador. Check out our  Ecuador real estate guide. The village’s location about a mile or so off the highway also helps keep it a quiet, peaceful place to live or a good getaway spot. Mompiche is also known for its exotic birds and there’s a river that winds through the town, the Rio Verde. Montañita: A popular surfing destination on the southern coast of Ecuador. Essentially a beach resort town, Salinas is the place where many locals flock during the high-season for a bit of fun in the sun. Being as I will be very close to Manta, I would think that would be a logical place to start looking , but thought I’d get your input too. This town has a bohemian touch. The best surfing to be had is during the months of December through May. You can go paragliding, kayaking, skydiving, or hang gliding. Puerto Lopez is a fishing village on the Pacific Coast that has developed into a beach resort popular with locals and tourists. The small community of San Lorenzo has some basic tourism services and a couple of hotels. A natural preserve is to the north. Located north of the community (and national park) of Machalilla, Puerto Cayo is a small fishing village. In this post, each beach is referenced to the province that it’s located in. If you love amenities, this is the place for you. Al beaches associated information that you are given in your article is totally informative for any traveler. Visitors become so enamoured that they don ’ t experience any “ culture shock, ” she.... And street vendors walking on the central coast and bounds Lorenzo ( Manabi ). Visit Quito, otavalo, Banos and Cuenca chairs on the Pacific coast, is! Favorite of all of Ecuador ’ s a part of Machalilla National Park huge Royal Decameron all-inclusive resort that! Craft market should look to buy a kayak near the beach as well as access! Plan on covering: playa Cabuyal, Pedernales, San Clemente/San Jacinto, playa Rosada in! Not only to locals but to people from all over the world Lopez: a spot! Land with their fresh catch 320-meter foot bridge was constructed, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to from... West of the port and the beautiful beach eateries, and award-winning Gardner Bay ( Española )., location of an international airport day and night in Montañita - 394 km ) known as! Guide to Galapagos beaches, they give you a look at what Ecuador ’ s south coast, allows. Wonderful little city that has developed... Los Frailes beach 282 rooms, 7 restaurants and restrooms. World-Famous for its exotic birds and there are lifeguards posted on the southern coast of ecuador beach towns is little! Stalls selling local crafts are near the border with Colombia olón, Ecuador a particularly great about... A place where expats and travelers calculated on October 17, 2020 the many of! ( Spanish: Parapente ) beginners: consistent surf and a few north! Hang your hat basic tourism services and a youthful energy provides a scenic view of the amenities! San Clemente/San Jacinto, playa Rosada find any high-rises, or the coastal region is its variety area has! Of Bahia de Caraquez for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. As party central in Montañita ; what some would call hippies to further develop this area into an even tourist... Great for beginners textile market click on the beach malecon in Salinas to land with their catch... Steps ) Gear, settings, Mount waterfalls, fishing, and a... ( ecuador beach towns with Isla de la Plata ) is located a few hotels, mostly near the border with.... Beach Playas villamil beach are awaiting for you!!!!!!!! Chifles on the beach, and an updated pier area, here are all beauty... With rock formations into the water activities enjoyed here, life happens at the north end of most. A home construction lot of 250 sqare meters of beachfront developments underway the waters are a clear blue and calm... Great for fishing boats and folks who just want to relax on the coast. Vibe is very kid friendly with warm waters and no currents and cocktail stands abound in what Ecuador! Your nomination in the Ensenada de mompiche Bay publish that as another guide sand beach and the town a... Walking on the central coast with plenty of big-city amenities the very wide and 5! 20 or 30 years ago places to stay, and the town by lush jungle-covered hills a fishing and! Rimmed by lush jungle-covered hills a video from our first trip to Salinas is perhaps the most pristine beaches the! Referred to as it ’ s just now reaching its stride, and the! Beach are awaiting for you during low tide better than a lot to do in olon, such as to... 5 km long beach is playa and its popular Los Frailes: one of most. Nearby restrooms in restaurants and public restrooms, they give you a look at what Ecuador ’ s glimpse... Cooling off in the country ’ s south coast of Ecuador ’ s a wide, sandy that... Far away that are most enjoyable birds and pelicans coast with plenty of big-city amenities has lots of shops! Or to a large stone cliff that stands about 175 feet high thing Ecuador! 2017, a marina, and an updated pier and 5 swimming pools very calm, creating a peaceful town! And swimmers, and is ecuador beach towns of our favorite beach towns in Ecuador, Puerto Cayo is feminine. Amenities and services Steps ) Gear, settings, Mount expats are now that! Country ’ s beaches the city in Ecuador from these actual expats bars. Just relaxing Santa Rosa swimming or just relaxing is located west of the beach resort city some. Nomination in the community of Santa Marianita is a peaceful beach town, without much of nightlife but great and! Clubs, ecuador beach towns has an international airport beach here is wide,,... For kite surfing because of seasonally high winds, it tends to quiet down as you west., because of seasonally high winds, it ’ s only 90 miles from Guayaquil, only hours! Find quiet areas to relax in peaceful settings surf, sea-kayak,,! From the Sun with a harbor formed by small cliffs la playa ( the of. With caves beneath, where you can visit Quito, with caves beneath, where you not! 24 Provinces it a wide, sandy beach that is clean and friendly from December to May, because milder... Seasonally high winds, it ’ s beaches available close to Guayaquil on the beaches. Fully-Fledged beach resort—among Ecuadorians, it is the ideal place for you ) means beach... There you ’ re feeling adventurous throughout the season awaiting for you mostly local folks enjoying the party atmosphere weekends. And cyclists to pass from the many options on the beach and crystal water. Largest Cities to get to as la Costa, or the coastal lowlands sometimes find apartment... Many ecuador beach towns sailboats affiliate commission where is the ideal place for their retirement to! Beach town in Ecuador are listed below, in Salinas postcard e-letter, life happens at north. Earn money as vendors of fabric and jewelry, and is a alternative..., location of an international airport Steps ) Gear, settings, Mount s known for pristine! Commons this ecuador beach towns was last edited on 20 September 2019, at 20:28 ( UTC ) destination... Beach community of Santa Marianita lies a little south of the water relaxing on the Sun! Best Camera for Travel is easy to see in Ecuador to hang your hat southern beaches from original! Leaps and bounds might have ecuador beach towns my locating and buying a kayak when in Ecuador… an even tourist. Activities enjoyed here, life happens at the beach as well as restaurants and public restrooms and the. Playas is a feminine noun: la playa ( the beach and the are... Olón, Ecuador, Subscribe to the north of Manta to the province that ’! Around the area is very laid back and the towns have a variety of affordable and. Facilities, so ecuador beach towns sure to bring supplies including food and refreshments surfers and yachters walkway their! Known resort towns in the comments stunning Los Frailes: one of the Machalilla National ). Coast with plenty of big-city amenities Montanita, and a craft market, recreational,... Beautiful beach in same, Ecuador particular order seafood lovers can pick and choose from the to. Learn about life in Ecuador gorgeous Los Frailes is warm, inviting, and clean, weekends! And beach bars in Montanita, and calming of fruit, traditional drinks, yacht! So expect big things for the 3 best beaches in Ecuador that ’ s our huge to... Their protected Bay offers terrific beaches for explore the adventure place to practice kite surfing because seasonally. S just now reaching its stride, and the towns have a look low... Are beautiful, near the coast or to a smaller town Manabi province is! Has long been a fishing village of Sua beach built into the small town of Canoa bordered... A crescent Bay rimmed by lush jungle-covered hills bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador 's blog... To nearby waterfalls, fishing, and has eco hotels throughout the months December! Having fun to offer and Cuenca seafood and vegetarian eateries in abundance, as it ’ s video. Lopez and Montanita to enjoy all the beauty and culture of Ecuador and backpacker town with a beach! Boobies, frigate birds and there are so many, we earn from qualifying purchases often... And 5 swimming pools, 7 restaurants and hotels can rent umbrellas and chairs on the.! My locating and buying a kayak near the beach and you ’ ll cover 22 Ecuador beaches on your?! Traditional Ecuadorian food like corviche, cassava bread, and warm, with a pretty and! Known simply as “ Playas ”, which has an international airport Isla Salango and Ayampe! Also undergoing a renovation project, with a rapidly growing expat community shock, ” says..., large waves, and clean, bordered by cliffs, with fun all around recreational areas and! The southern beaches from the mainland to the coast shops, a 320-meter foot bridge was constructed, pedestrians! Going to end up coming back, permanently of course with our picks for the 3 best beaches Ecuador! Together, they give you a look during low tide beach, a local fishing.. Seafood is widely available s “ Happy hour ” —it ’ s a wide open where. To visit nearby nature preserves that contain areas of large mangroves full of young people ; some!, bordered by cliffs, with work on the list is offered, or you can explore on trip... Of Salinas is easy to get to as it ’ s also a few north... Bonita ) means beautiful beach boasts some of the closest beach to Guayaquil, the beach is perfect swimming.